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Lecture 12

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 12October 3 2011LiberalismInstitutions finesse PDoPhysical buildings Define cheating How to play tit for tat wo rulesoMust know what cheating is to play PDIdentify cheaterscomplianceoShare who is cheating oHow do you deal with many players and exchange information accuratelyoHow do you know who isis not a cheater when youre across the planetoHow do you know its trueoSome international institutions observe and then report who are the cheaters to be shamed in a hopes to facilitate cooperationIf you know youre going to get called out on cheating youre not likely to cheat that muchoie International Atomic Energy Agencymonitors nuclear power plants by having cameras in them to ensure the stuff inside is not diverted into nuclear weaponsdoesnt eliminate weapons but makes it hardertherefore they get called outie North Korea was caught cheating or wasnt letting IAEA change batteries and stay inPotential punisheroInternational organization may have tools themselves ie WB not giving money IMF not giving money to do punishment themselvesTransaction costs of cooperationoMust know what the definitions of cooperation cheating so that these things are known to everyoneoTrade rules oLiberalism believes in facilitating cooperation make it easier for countries to participate togetheroie credit bureaus to find out whats going onoie countries will give other countries money if the IMF does as wellIMF is like the credit bureau showing that they are credibleoknowing its possible to trade in a currencyanarchy is out there but international organizations make it easier to finesse it and control it by identifying cheating and sharing reputations by deterring cheating and defining it so that everyone knows whats going onConstructivismbroader conceptionois a shared understanding of social practices such as anarchy and sovereignty
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