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Lecture 15

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 15October 19 2011Political vs Military Uses StrategyForceCoercive diplomacyoMore prevalent today because theres a variety of ways to do sooPower to hurt is the power to bargainIf you cannot cause pain to your bargaining partner chances are you wont get much compromising power with themoMade possible due to revolution of air and nuclear warfareMore comfortableNow can threaten to do harm without leaving your countryWar is uncertain but causing harm is notThe ability to threaten without conquestProduct of the space age allowing countries to bargain to engage in coercive threats without having to defeat the other side planes missilesoWar is politics by other meansAll political dicisionsWhen we use violence it does not mean we stop engaging in competition or bargainingUsing something other than speech votes etcie USSR and Stalincomplaints when Allies going into Europe so see how the war was fought to shape how the continent would look in the endViolence is purposive part of bargainingIf you use weapons by mass destruction that will shape the outcomes that developoViolence has a purposewe often see random violence and warthe deployment of force is supposed to have consequences both intended and unintendedtrying to achieve the military effort but the aftermathmost wars do not end with unconditional surrender therefore they continuemost wars end without an end therefore there is often no unconditional surrenderbargaining can be strucksometimes the wars go back to the way things were at the beginning Korean warsome wars dont end with a Peace AgreementDifferent uses of forceoDefenseholding the territory you have
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