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Lecture 17

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Lecture 17October 26 2011Alliances in PracticeTale of Three OmeletsOmelets Observer Mentor Liaison Team OMLTIdeato train the Afghans to protect themselves we need imbedded Western units with the team 4050 in a 800900 person team who know what theyre doing planes logistics training training so that they learn and can have the skill sets to function on their own once the Westerns leaveThe most important part of a project how to get outMost NATO countries have OMLTs or dont have OMLTsthose that do have different rulesoAfghan international Armymove their units around the country as they see fitDont see it in pieces North south They move wherever theyre neededOMLTs in Afghanistan has a specific placeie last year when the group moved to another province the OMLTs would go with them to the new destinationoCanada unrestricted they go with the KandakoFrance requires phone call to the Elyseeleads to significant delays because Sarkozy was making the decisionoGermans restricted no movement out of RCNorthlimits their ability to make an impact on thingsoAlthough NATO is the most powerful alliance on the planet countries do not give up their own control over their own militariesoTheir home means more than their NATO chain of commandUneven Risks and CostsWho bares the burdenIn Afghanistan US bares most of the burdenDanes have the highest mortality per capitaHows sharing the burden of costsPolitical ramifications to ensure that there is some equalityThe revelants actors not in BrusselsoMost institutionalized practied security institutionoConsensus decisionmaking in practicerequires the ability to optoutTo make a decision they need to have no country say no were not doing thisOpt out totally or in at least some partsoArticle V each member will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking fortwith individually and in concert with the other Parites such action as it deems necessary
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