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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

A tale of Three Omelettes Observer Mentor Liaison Team (OMLT) Transition from NATO forces to Afghan forces Way out Afghan national army don't see Afghanistan as being divided into military pieces So they send any forces wherever there is conflict Canada Unrestricted, go with Kandak (battalion) Do not need the Prime Minister's approval France Requires phone call to the Elysée Leads to significant delay Germany Restricted No movement out of RC-north Relevant actors are not in Brussels Mostly institutionalized, practiced security institutions Consensus decision-making in practice Ability to opt-out If you don't want to participate in a mission, you need a way out Each contingent is always still a national one, each with a red card e.g. James Blunt --> a captain in the British army, refused to fight the Russians in 1999 Any officer in the army has the right to refuse an order Discretion: Caveats and Restrictions Varying levels of discretion Need to phone home? e.g. Limited areas of operations Going out at night Offensive operations Other limits Capabilities Interpretations
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