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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Why Article V Canada and the US Operation enduring Freedom Pursuing Al-Qaeda into Afghanistan Iraq substitution 2003-2004 To compensate for the lack of presence in Iraq Mostly peacekeeping in Kabul North --> West --> South --> East Making a difference Kandahar is not the most violent place in the country Canada got it because we were late Paul Martin wanted more influence and impact in this mission, compared to other international missions Doing the minimum Canada is leaving Kandahar by June 2011 Staying in Kabul and a bit elsewhere to train Afghan military/police forces OEF vs NATO OEF Counter-terrorism US-led, ad hoc Direct influence NATO UN-resolved State-building, counter-insurgency Multilateral, institutionalized One of 27 countries, hard to be heard Changes in the CF From peacekeeping to three blocks war Not just Canada, enemy gets a vote Regime change From Henault/Maddison to Hillier Different experiences Somalia vs Bosnia Peacekeepers are the first to get killed, because then their nation will bring back all of their troops to the
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