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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Saideman's Biases Unilateralism is sometimes necessary Foreign policies shouldn't always be allowed to be veto'ed by other countries Preemption is not inherently wrong Not bad idea to attack someone you know will attack you first Familiarity breeds contempt Pre-war position Wrong war at the wrong time by the wrong people Weren't done with Afghanistan Iraq hadn't done anything yet Lack of nuclear weapon proofs Current position The end of American leadership? So expensive Going to be paying for the healthcare of veterans of Iraq for 60-80 years Countries stopped respecting the Americans after starting a war that had no reasons for being Like the fall of the British empire after WWI Hadn't chosen to start that war, while the Americans CHOSE to start the Iraq war Causes of War Unipolarity US could do what it wants No one can protect US 9/11 Created the need to prevent and preempt You don't want your response AFTER a mushroom cloud Effect on domestic policies Made it hard to criticize the Bush administration Mass media supported a response Need/opportunity to get out of Saudi Arabia Why in? Partaking in sanctions against Saddam Hussein from the Gulf War Groupthink Limited group of advisors Had common interests
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