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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Actors and Interests Leaders Interest of staying in office States Realism: power vs security Liberalism: maximizing welfare No single issue dominates Actors have many common interests which lead to cooperation Constructivism: socially constructed Interactions socialize actors to hold particular interests Dominant discourse may reflect the interests of one or many interacting actors Groups Ethnic Class Intl organizations Interactions Realist view Outcomes are about combinations of interests/choices All about bargaining The better your coercion force is, the more chances there are of you getting whatever you want Strategic means more than maximizing utility Liberalist view Strongly believe in cooperation Conflict is not inevitable, happens when people act out of personal interests Lack of interest or creditability too Constructivist view Norms and understanding of social problems change Defines identities Game Theory (interaction cont'd) Cooperation Coordination No incentive not to comply Collaboration Cooperation but tempted to cheat Prisoner's dilemma DC > CC > DD > CD Cheating > Coop > Conflict > Suckkkkeeerr Tendency to engage in conflict when coop is preferred Benefits of cooperation over long run are greater than short term gains of exploitation Repeated play leads to cooperation Chicken game DC > CC > CD > DD Winning > Coop > Sucker > Conflict No dominant strategy Game of bluff and threats Threats and coercion are very important Cannot/shouldn't be repeated Going to create more conflict rather than less Actors must be credible and build a strong reputation --> determination Stag Hunt CC > CD > DC > DD Security dilemma Self-help leads to less security via action/react
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