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Lecture 6

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

th Sept. 19 , 2011 Power! Power: fundamental concept in international politics Power is a relative concept  Classic social science definition: The ability to get others to do what they would otherwise not do o Ex. US wanted others to join them against Iraq in 2003. Some agreed  wanted something from US, others resisted  did not submit (did what they wanted) o Power can be used positively or negatively  Pretty hard to measure o How do you know someone is powerful? If a country does something the other wanted, is it because of power or because there was already an incentive? o Deterrence o Hard to know if power is being exerted or not  Material components  Non-material components Capabilities  Material capabilities o Population o Existing weapon systems: Qual/Quant - Better quality – don’t need as much quantity o Economy  Mobilize-able for war Robust economy – can mobilize more resources for war  For coercion/resistance short of war Foreign aid if you do what we want/close markets to you if you don’t US and China – have power they can use against each other To assess power: how strong their military is – size, how trained they are,  Non-material o Strategy/knowledge Countries can vary in how well they plan and persuade others through diplomacy, clever manipulations Do ppl think you’re powerful? If they think you are, they’ll be what you want because they’ll be scared of what will happen if they don’t o Reputation Distributions of power th Sept. 19 , 2011  Market analogy - Two powers vs many powers - Market: 2 producers can make prices higher  Domestic analogy - How is power distributed? - Federal system different from  Polarity o How many great powers? US China –not so developed economy yet, not great military power (air & navy); a lot of consumers – ppl want to get in their economy; power to control their citizens EU? – doesn’t have a foreign policy as a single unit – no agreement on some security issues Russia – Has oil Japan – economy has been stagnant for the last few years Germany – modern military, no nuclear weapons, influence in Europe but can they exert it everywhere? UK –military, nuclear weapons North Korea – nuclear weapons, missiles, no econom
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