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Political Science
POLI 319
Philip Oxhorn

Why the central argument is wrong? • Pattern not unique to region (Germany, Japan) • rationalization : elite vs mass culture : elites would benefit with this view. 1.J.S.Mill. Why would the common person buy into this? 2.Parallels with racism : 3.20th c. military regimes use it for legitimacy • Ignores power and lower class responses. what the good form of government is? (no consensus till now), stake of politics The long term structural impact of colonialism • massive disruption of indigenous societies : equivalent of genocide, inevitable effect. (Morales in Bolivia : indigenous pride) . Poorest people are indigenous • concentration of wealth and power tenure patterns : conquistadors got the fertile land, gave infertile to indigenous 2.human face of exploitation : large landowners (latifundistas). Sets Latin America apart from the rest of the world, people know who is exploiting them and why • subordinate insertion in international system 1.export primary products, import higher value goods. Commodities determine the income of Latin Americans. e.g. China : affects Latin America more than US. Influence of China on commodity prices that in many ways its future determines Latin America's future. 2.parallels with Spain : roots of independent struggle reflected Spain and Portugal's economic decline. People in new world could not depend on these countries. Spain also continuing to live with legacy well into the 20th c. • Segmentation of citizenship : 1.conquistadors as the highest in hierarchy, a different group 2.criollos, more divisions. 3.inequality (Morales introduces a new level of equality) Latin America's Social pyramid • social class and the stakes in politics : creates interests, marks whats right 1.methodological tool 2.defining social class (Marx : who owns the means of production? problematic : would not get very far in Latin America, two main classes), (Alejandro Portes : 3 criter
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