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Lecture 1- People and Cultures

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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

British India until 1947 was several countries ruled as one India alone has a population of 1.2B, 17% of the world population only larger country is China (1.35B ppl) links: migration through the seas, mountain passes, conquests, trade different group arrived, interacted with existing groups to create the population we see there today ruled by the British most of South Asia starting in mid-18thC in Eastern regions first consolidated there by mid 19thC ended in mid 20thC parts they did not govern directly, like Nepal princely states were directly ruled by princes, and indirectly by Br. study because lots of people there Some Features of South Asia high share of world population poverty largest number total of poor people in the world, according to some estimates judged based on income 36% are poor some might have better access to goods and resources than their income would suggest, while in other societies, it might be just the opposite think of continuing warfare, in which money is not enough to get you goods cultural diversity religion language sect cast region can make for a richer social life sustained democracy India mostly elected gov’t in its history stable institutions and regions help with democ
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