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Political Science
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POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

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Ethnicity and Pluralism in India: Explanations of Ethnic Politics in India: - Expression of Multiethnic society: o Problems in explaining: o Viability of multiethnic parties o Political effects of cross cutting cleavages - Result of Institutions and Policies: o State centralization o Decline of competition within parties - Problems: o Why ethnic response? o Why different movement trajectories? - Party-society relations o Interactions within organizations o Ethnic party relations with social groups o Visions of Community Dravidian Movement: Major features: - Ideological origins: o DK: Dravidian vs. Aryan o Exclusionary Potential o Emancipatory potential - Initial strategy: Politics of heresy - Outcome: Little violent conflict, intolerance o Increased political representation, enriched civic life - Movement’s course o Populist articulation of ethnicity o Splits in Movement: DMK (1949),ADMK (1972) o Exclusionary potential contained Explaining impact of dravidianism: - Outcome: o Dravidianist dominance reinforced pluralist democracy - Definitions: Social pluralism o Social pluralism, pluralist democracy o Organizational pluralism - Argument: Organizational pluralism reinforced social pluralism Definitions: - Social pluralism o Existence of many active associations with considerable membership which are significantly autonomous of the state and of one another - Pluralist democracy o Social pluralism and democracy - Organizational pluralism o Strategic flexibility, cadre autonomy, supporter autonomy Party-society relations and movement’s c
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