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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

Formation of Bangladesh: - Only secession btw ww2 and 89 - Unfavourable circumstances: 3 mil ppl died in bangla 10 mil migrants moved to neighbouring region in india. 1 favourable condition: neighbor state open to military intervention by india. Almost till the last moment it wasn’t clear that this will be the case. In late nov 71 indian govt decided to invade and bangla made. Process: - Paki movemet: ambiguous status o Enthusiasm about formation of paki in Bengal. But their view was diff from urdu speakin leaders of league like Jinnah. Initially the movement wasn’t strong in Bengal but it grew in 40s. the imp reason why Bengali leaders went with paki was cos they wanted autonomy and thought that paki will give Bengal will have more autonomy but these hopes weren’t realized. Then various grievances developed. Bengalis dint get much recognition in various elite scene like milatry and beaureaucracy o They had the power of numbers which could have meant they could have had more power through the number but the law of number wasn’t there o Econ relations unequal btw west and east. East was more agri and cash crops were grown there and sent to industries in culcutta o After 47  jute went to west paki. The money wasn’t used for east but went to
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