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POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

Presentation 1 Mehtathesis Colonialism and the nationalist movement have deeply reshaped the Indian identity between 1858 and 1947ReminderBr East India Company in India 1757Crowns formal acquisition of India in 1858division into princely statesColonialism and Indian Identitymodern statemodern armya civil servicea judiciaryrepresentative govtwestern educationcreated the spread of English languagecreated many secondary schools and universities property rights in agriculturenew trading practice and tariffsrailwaysbefore colonialism no notion of an Indian nation as a wholeIndians were uncomfortable of their subordinate statusunhappy with tax regulationsrealized that the economic relations were unequalfaminecultural resistanceBengal renaissancepanIndian nationalismRammohun Roy against Satibegan to question some of their traditions like the practice of the SatiBUT there was no explicit ideology calling for an independent India political resistance1857 revolt Gange plain and central Indiamutiny jihadRani of Jhansi symbolthe Indian National Congress 1885Br proposed partition of Bengal 1905 to divide Indians so they could not manage independence created more nationalist tensionsthe MintoMorley reform 1909increased number of Indians that can be elected in leg bodieseach community though could only vote for the rep of their own communityRowlatt ActsSubjas Chandra Bose Indian National ArmySayyid Ahmad Khan two nationsMohammed Ali Jinnah Indias futurepartition 1947two visions of pluralist IndiaGandhis visionNehrus visionIndia should industrialize and have a secular centralized state Discussion questionsWhat do you think was the most significant element that lead tot he independence of India ie leaders Br abuse of powerWho is the most responsible for the partition the Muslim League or the BritishCould the partition have been avoided If yes how Presentation 2 Jalaldiscusses the evolution of the Parkistna movementfocus on 194047 period with some historical backgroundaddresses context of colonialism and rel identityPartition left over 13 of Indias Muslims outside of Pakistnas bordersneither partition nor creation of Pakistan left Muslims untouchedtwo nation theorythere were two distinct communitie
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