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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

Generalraphaellemathieubedardmailmcgillcaoffice hours Tuesdays 130230 LEA 112A5 attendance 5 participation1 free pass for not showing upevery week there are 2 presentations12 minutes long eachsummarize authors main pointsnot just a description must bring analytical component like when prof speaks in classwhat is the thesiscan also add a critique at the end strengths and weaknessesoffer a few discussion questions afterBaxterRose and Sisson February 20thPresentation 1 Pandey main argumentthe development of the Hindu community during the colonial period was mainly through conflicts with other communitiesdefinitions of communalismis a form of colonialist knowledgeindia use refers to a condition of suspicion fear and hostility bw members of diff rel commacademic use organized pol movements based on proclaimed interests of a rel comm not applied to Euro comm only colonial ones so idea of backwardnessredefinition of communalism during colonial periodactions and discourses of the comm during this time reshaped the definitionearly discourse was strong sense of individual was fuzzier could identify with other castes and ranksnow territorially more diffuse more selfconscious of differences bw us and them increasingly a part of rationalist discourserelevance of the Hindumuslim conflict1813 and 1877building of a shivalaya led to conflict bw two commhad to ask to build something but they did not so Muslims argued back1880scowprotection movement beginsmovement and creation of the CowProtection SocietiesMuslims would sacrifice cows as a ritual1893largescale attack upon Muslims in Mau or Azamgarh for instancetakes on a countrywide scale1910 cowptoection movement reappears in western Bihar1917almost like a civil warone urban phaseless militantmoderate upperclass leadershipmore ambiguous ideologicalconcerned with religionpatias as an instrument to mobilize the Hindu community relayletters of rel appealinvoke a deityinform on the fighting and innocence of cowspass it on to be a good Hindueffects of other forms of communalism on development of Hindu unityfractures bc soc rank1893leaders of Hindu mobilization were landlordsboundaries bw rights of state and comm not easily settledHinduism is selfconscious but other forms of communalism have emergedmultiplesubject positionsppl under one rel flag can still identify with other comm gender caste soc ranklanguages not well addressed 20 major ones in South Asiacastesprovide way to mobilize politically the popsoc class income seems more important geography caste system more fluid if live somewhere where water is less accessibleattacks perpetuated by Muslims also create sense of communalismcontemporary conflict the Deganga Riots in Sept 2010colonial ruledivideandrule exacerbates cultural dividesBUT also created national unity ie Great Rebellion 1857Conclusion intensity and re
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