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Religious Political Identity

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Political Science
POLI 322
Narendra Subramanian

POLI 322 March 16 2011Religious Political IdentityIslamization since 1970sreasonsBhuttohis religiousization of politics was not popular among many so they opposed him and took to alternative policiesZiaMajor Policy Focusislamization increased significantly during his reignpartly because of the orientation of the president himselfbetween 1979 and 1984 aspects of Islamic law were applied to criminal laweg adultery drinking theft all remained subject to corporeal punishmentwomens evidence was made the equivalent to half of mens evidence testimony had to come from 4 upstanding Muslim menthis made conviction very difficult to pull off for rape so it became a conviction of adultery or nonmarital sexlaws worked against poorer womenblasphemy law made disrespect for Islam punishableused against members of minority sects and minority religionsa new form of Islamic ideology council was set up composed largely of conservative Ulama the composition of the courts was changed Sharia benches were set up to deal with questions of Muslim lawtensions existed between Zia and the other Islamic parties over how Islamization proceededSemidemocracy 19881999 and third dictatorshipit seemed that some of these policies would be slightly rescinded because the leader of the first stint of democracy Bhutto had opposed some of the policiesuntil 1997 no party had the majority of the Parliamentthis limited the ability of the parties that are in powerthis changed the ability of the laws to be limited under Benazirleadership of the Muslim League was open to interpretations of Islamin 1997 Muslim League won and its price minister Sharif suggested that the Islamization of law be pushed furtherresult Sharif was overthrown in a coup and not much was done during the third dictatorshipthroughout the period the judicial branch made some rulingsSupreme court ruled that Muslim family law ordinance and its validity in Muslim law could be judged by family court
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