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POLI 325D1
Harold Waller

Civil WarCivil War ended with decisive win by Union forcesconfederacy forced to surrenderJohnson 18651969first pres impeachedbut not convictedhapless presidencyfailed to bridge NorthSouth gapNorth dominated Congress series of reconstruction efforts passedunion army remained in occupation in the South until 1877used its presence to promote equality Amendments 13 14 and 15 passedstates required to offer equality to all citizens and equal protection under the law 14reconstruction ended in 1877bargain to end the disputed 1876 electionushered in lengthy period of secondclass citizenship for previous slaves and their descendants Big Businesslargely agri nation at the time well into 20thC late 19thC large corporate organizations began to mergeallowed monopoly or nearmonopolycalled trustsie Standard Oillarge conglomerations of businesses led to increasing conflict bw business and unionsmergers lead to greater concentration of powerpolicy changes adopt antitrust legislation to control the power of the large corporate structuresfirst one in 1890not until later on that effective legislation was really adopted first income tax 1890declared unconstitutional by SCconstitution amended in early 20thC and income tax allowedLabour and Immigrationurbanizationmovement of people from rural areas to the big citiesreally picked up in early 20thClarge urban concentrations began to play much more important role in pol and policy voters in small towns and rural areas were disproportionately represented in pol too much1960s one person one vote policy decided uponopen immigration policy during late 19thC and early 20thCimmigrants settled in cities adding to urbanization less and less need for agri workers as technology developed fuelling urbanization toourban had diff needs than ruralbegan to be reflected in pol at natl levellabour unions start in 1880s1900s agitate for worker rights and bargaining rightssometimes broke out in violencenot until 1930s that protective leg instated to protect workers immigration cut off before WWIpost WWI restrictive immigration no more open policy quotas immigration visas etc WWIsignificant for US because marked the point at which US began to emerge as a leading world powerbefore that US had practiced isolationist FP1820 Monroe Doctrinestated that no European powers could get involved in Western Hemisphere WWI US increasingly drawn towards Ally sideBr Fr Rustrade agreement with BrGermans practiced unrestrictive submarine warfare Zimmerman telegram increasing pressure of Wilson in 1917 to stop isolation Wilson decided April 1917 to ask for declaration of war from Congress WilsonDemocrataccomplished much during first termsecond term marked by warsent expeditionary force to Fr helped to turn tide of battle there1918 armistice during war he developed ideas about peaceworld had to organize itself to prevent a recurrence14 Points idea of the League of Nations exemplified collective security Paris Peace Conference 1919Wilson is dominant figure at conference Treaty of Versailles Wilson returned to US after conference to convince American ppl and Congress that signing onto Treaty and joining League was vitalBUT 1918 election his party was setback badly in Congressional electionshad no majority in either house Wilson tried to go over the heads of Congress and sell the ideas to the people through crosscountry public speeches FAILURE Harding 19211923ushered in a decade of withdrawals from foreign affairsadvocated return to normalcy Europe is not our concernThe 1920speriod when Republicans generally controlled leg and exec branches of govtthey pulled back from international affairspulled back from the attempt to create new domestic policies 1918 as war was ending Congress passed
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