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Lecture 3

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Political Science
POLI 325D1
Harold Waller

The 1960srepresented a number of changesKennedy 19611963one the youngest pres electedsignaled advent of a new generation with new ideas replacing old stale ideasyoung ppl inspired by Civil Rights revolutionengaged directly in Civil Rights action to bring about greater equalityfor the first time after the war a significant leftwing formed known as the New LeftStudents for a Democratic Society SDSKennedy was dedicated to the idea of bringing about real change in Am pol the candidate of hope and changeexcited the electorate Kennedy progressinspired ppl elected to Congress to change proceduresCongress had been dominated a long time by a Republicans and Southern Democratsthey de facto became the dominant force in Congressprevented the passage of more liberal bills in Congress tension between Kennedy and Congressmissile crisisFP issuesdeteriorating situation in Vietnamstarted the Peace Corps eco inequality Kennedy talked with experts and wanted to launch a plan for thiscivil rights issue1950s SC took the lead on thisCongress and Pres were way behinddirect action by Civil Rights groups like sitins etc Kennedy belatedly took up the cause especially after MLK Jr March on Washington developing plans for legislation Kenendy assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswaldsucceeded by Johnson 19631969JohnsonCivil Rights Act 1964Voting Rights Act 1965Vietnam Kennedy had sent advisorsJohnson confronted by Gulf of Tonkin crisisoff of Vietnamquestions as to what happened thereNorth Vietnamese attack on Am naval vesselsBUT that attack might not have happenedwent to Congress with Gulf of Tonkin resolutionpassed authorized mil response ag North Vietnamstarted Vietnam Warnomination of Goldwater senator from Arizonanew force in Am pol of ideological conservatism 1968 Johnson challenged by Eugene McCarthy even though he was planning on running againMcC ran on antiwar platformJohnson won New Hampshire primary but McC got surprising number of votes Johnson bowed out Robert Kennedy very popular among democrats had some of JFKs charismaBobby assassinated the night of the California primaries party nominated Humphrey which led to an examination of how the party conducted process of selecting delegates to the nominating conventions Humphrey lost to Nixon in 1968 electionThe Vietnam Warexpanded to CambodiaNixon said the N Vietnamese were receiving help from Cambodianscarried out under the branch and fear of the Cold War part of the effort to contain communism Am public badly divided over support for the wartension bw Nixon and public opinion situation on the ground deteriorated1964 Am gave up leaving Vietnam N Vietnam then took over the whole country and unified it under a Communist leadershipleft serious divisions in the US1972 Dems nominate George McGovern antiwar acitvisttook over the party momentarilydefeated in the election by NixonMcGoverns view was outofstep with the prevailing dems opinion since the end of WWII which was an internationalist opinionthe US had a duty to the rest of the worldMcGovern wanted the US to pull back from foreign involvement moved the Dems away from the internationalist position Reps became popular with Southern WhitesDems popular with Blacks and Liberalssince Vietnam Dems have backed away from too much foreign involvement Watergatename of apt complex near the State Dep in Washone of the tenants was the Democratic Natl CommitteeNixon was convinced the dems were cooking up some nefarious plot ag himNixon had a group of sleuthsspies off the books AKA t
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