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Political Science
POLI 329
Juliet Johnson

January 18Is there fundamental continuity or discontinuity between Leninism and Stalinism1 The Rise of Stalin o a The Kronstadt Rebellion saying that it was not what they had signed up for they wanted free workers a true Soviet state These were the very workers who had supported the Bolsheviks but they decided to brutally suppress the workers Prototype of later events such as liquidation of kulaks tho b 10 party congress March 1921Solidification of one party state informal ban on factions within the party itselfOutlawing of other partiesIntroduction of the New Economic Policy NEPNEP essentially introduced a mixed economic system a retreat from the war communism of the civil war era under the NEP there was private agriculture tax in kind on productionPrivate small businesses as well as private trade Along with this the flourishing of some freedoms in the cultural realm not political pluralism but cultural pluralism and era of cultural blossoming75 of retail trade was in private hands and a much more pen society than existed in the civil war era o This period sees the Soviet Union go from collective leadership with Lenin as the main figure to a
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