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Political Science
POLI 329
Juliet Johnson

January 23Kenez says at the very heart of soviet history a blank spot open to wide interpretations none fully satisfactoryCan you draw straight line from Leninism to Stalinism 3 theories say fundamental continuity while 3 say fundamental discontinuityWhich theory gives the best explanation and most mileage st 1 theory TotalitarianismThe Totalitarian Theoryo Popular during Cold War advanced by Zbigniew Brzezinski and Alexander Solzhenitsyno This theory purports that Stalinism is simply Leninism fullblown o However there was a real break in 1917 from the Tsarist era o Emphasizes politics and ideology in its explanations o Fundamental to the Soviet system are Terror OneParty StateAutocratic LeaderCentralized EconomyMarxistLeninist Ideology o The system is incapable of reformo They focus on Lenin and the Vanguard Party Lenin spoke of the need for a small organized hierarchical party system in controlo Civil War which Bolsheviks won due to characteristics inherent in the party its organization and its ruthlessnesstho Antifacti
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