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Political Science
POLI 329
Juliet Johnson

Jan 25What were the consequences of the Stalinist legacyKhrushchev EraWhen Stalin dies there iso A leader cult o Weak party o Centralized economyo Full gulags as well as entire peoples who are imprisoned o Devastated population o East European empire aka the Soviet bloc that becomes an increasing liability How doe Khrushchev reform the system st 1 he looks to end the culture of Stalino Takes Stalins body out of Red Square and away from Lenin o The most important thing he did was give the socalled secret thspeech in 1956 at the 20 party congress in which he directly criticizes Stalins legacy o Criticizes everything after Stalins revolution from above o Does not criticize collectivization or other actions before this period o Sets things up as a return to Leninist principles that Stalin has pervertedo Begin to rehabilitate the victims of Stalinist terror o KBVD Renamed KGB and is subordinated to party control o Decentralizes bureaucracies economic reforms virgin land program ending use of machine tractors focuse
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