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POLI 338 - Lecture: State and Urban Society (Jan. 17)

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POLI 338
Juan Wang

Jan 17 Four actors: state, workers, business/investors, and unions Central Gov − faction politics; has been constant feature of Chinese politics, though nature and composition changes over time − in 1980s, there was a process of liberalization under the 'open door' policy − though this was top-down, it was not national nor uniform; it began in a few cities closest to Hong Kong and Taiwan—the only foreign markets which were allowed to invest in the PRC at first—eventually expanding to coastal areas, and finally into the hinterlands − created immediate regional disparities − SEZs saw several investment vehicles: joint-ventures, then FDIs − this process was frozen during the 1989-92 period − in 1992, Deng made his 'southern tour,' where he touted further liberalization − this continued until 1997 > SOE-privatization − only small-medium ones − fueled by need for competitiveness − SOEs no longer dominated economy following SEZ development in `80s Workers − SOE reform resulted in increased competition and heightened unemployment − end of the 'iron rice bow' and guaranteed lifelong employment − affected heavy industry in the north − lead to increased instances of collective resistance − it is easier to coordinate resistance and direct anger at state in instances of simultaneous layoffs − it is also easier when the anger is directed to the same group of authorities − political entrepreneurs
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