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POLI 338 - Lecture: Ethnic Minorities in China (Jan. 24)

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Political Science
POLI 338
Juan Wang

Lecture Jan. 23 I. Xinjiang Han In-Migration − during Mao era: ideological; motivated by desire to 'help' poorer, peripheral regions − during Deng era: economic motivations; market reforms released surplus labour; economic benefits for entrepreneurship in autonomous regions Religion − during Mao era, particularly during Cultural Revolution, there was a widespread assault on and suppression of religion − Uyghur in Xinjiang devoutly Muslim − in the Deng era, there was a relaxation of religious policies; Islam now state-sanctioned religion − since 1990s, there is a rise in Islamic fundamentalism throughout Central Asia; in combination with the collapse of the Soviet Union, Uyghur activists are incentivized to mobilize for separatism Foreign Relations − Sino-Soviet split (late 1950s to 1960s) − Khruschev disagreed with Stalin; Mao disagreed with Khruschev − Mao suspicious that certain members of CCP were more loyal to Khruschevian policies − because of this policy, Soviet Union withdrew support − this spurred tendency toward autarky in China − a microcosm of the Sino-Soviet split was a border conflict, located in Xinjiang − thus, Xinjiang was an area where the Soviet Union tried to threaten the new PRC regime, and where PRC tried to balance its power against the S
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