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POLI 338 - Lecture: China-SE Asia (Feb. 26)

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Political Science
POLI 338
Juan Wang

Lecture – Feb. 26 Cold War Dynamics − non-alignment movement − Vietnamese-Cambodian War (1975-1989) − Chinese involvement (1979- ) − also marked beginning of US-Chinese diplomatic relations − Cambodian Khmer Rouge supported by China, but opposed by Soviet Union − Vietnam closer with USSR than China − major result following war is Vietnam entry into Asean (1990s) − ASEAN: Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, Brunei (1960s) − Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Vietnam (1990s) − SAARC: India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka 'Post' Cold War I. Sino-Indian ASEAN − Chinese trade and cultural (Chinese diaspora) ties − desire by ASEAN (Malaysia) to counterbalance U.S. influence with China (1990s) − 1997 Asian financial crisis: China not as affected; beginning of ASEAN- China summit − India-Asean summit: 2002 − Chinese free-trade proposal with Asean members in 2002; realized in 2010 − India proposes tree-trade proposal with Asean members in 2003; realized in 2010 − 2004: China establishes China-Asean Friendship Association (cultural/societal communication; establishment of Confucius institutes) − India also has significant trade ties with Asean countries SAARC − Chinese influence, despite Indian membership − became observer in 2005 − mainl
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