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POLI 338 - Lecture: China-Russia (Mar. 14)

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Political Science
POLI 338
Juan Wang

Lecture – China and Russia (March 14) Mao Era (1949 – 1976) − equal alliances and adversaries − 1950: Treaty of Friendship (expires in 30 years) − USSR provided economic aid, technology, technical/scientific personnel, and infrastructure assistance − Korean War: first instance of tension between two countries, when PRC bore significant losses whereas USSR attempted to manoeuvre to minimize complicity − beginning of Mao's annoyance towards Stalin − Destalinization: Mao felt that these policies were a great humiliation to the memory of Stalin; feared that something similar would happen to him − beginning of divergence from USSR − decline of USSR assistance parallels Great Leap Forward and emphasis on self-reliance − relationship between domestic politics and foreign policy − furthermore, relationship with USSR sustained by faction politics in CCP − criticism of certain individuals in CCP related to criticism
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