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Rex Brynen

ELECTORAL POLITICS Single member constituency – plurality vote MMCs – districts in which more than one MP will be elected – ie Tunisia, Jordan – election can occur with voters having only one vote or having multiple votes – one vote disadvantaged political parties and encouraged tribal alleigances Proportional representation – party or open list – various systems for proportionality – Single Transferable Vote – reserved seats (women, minorities) Implications: Good: connection between people and their MPs, more representative Neutral: creates more parties Bad: vulnerable to gerrymandering (could have urban ridings have more people in them with more Palestinians and rural areas with few Palestinians get same representation- in Jordan) National PR system – all votes cast at national level and turn them into seats – entire country is one district – closed or open list: closed list system, each party presents a list of its candidates in rank order- less choice in individual candidates for voter; open list system, you vote for a party and a candidate- 5 most popular MPs get elected – representative, not vulnerable to gerrymandering because there are no borders to draw, least vulnerable to corruption because MP doesn't have a district and it is very difficult to bribe people on a mass scale – leads to many parties and coalition governments (sometimes there is a threshold) – MPs aren't responsive to constituents Mixed systems Importance of electoral laws – PR system: – PR threshold rules: – party registration: in Iran, there is an ideological screen- screened for commitment to Islamic revolution – candidate eligibility – campaign financing – campaign restrictions, media access etc Constitutional setting – unitary vs federal states PR systems make it easier to encourage the election of women nd rd – quotas: zipper quotas: every 2 or 3 candidate required to be a woman, most effective in closed list system because people can't just pick the men – reserved seats: Jordan, seats set aside for women- potentially problematic because it creates animosity (wahhh, you only got elected because you're a woman *cries male tears*) SMC systems make it harder – require parties run a certain number of female candidates but of
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