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Julie Norman

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Lecture: Inter-State Relations--Cooperation and Regionalism In the news this week • new protests and unrest in Egypt • increasing evidence mounting in Syrian war crime with bodies of missing people found Themes/Questions • Middle East as a single unit, or set of distinct parts (states)? • How and why do states cooperate? • How has cooperation contributed to regional order? • Why is cooperation in the Middle East limited? • Effect of Arab Spring on regional cooperation International Relations: Why do states cooperate? • Realism/Neorealism--state interest ◦ securing/consolidating position (Waltz) ◦ balancing against power/threat of others (Walt) ◦ (regional) hegemons? (Mearsheimer; Nye) ▪ mostly Egypt, though Syria has dabbled • Constructivism ◦ shared experiences, norms, values, identity (Barnett) • Liberalism ◦ shared interests --> interdependence (Keohane) ◦ institutions, cooperation (Finnemore) • Structuralism ◦ core-periphery (Wallerstein; Hinnebusch) How do state cooperate? • Cooperation ◦ Engagement to promote common interests ◦ Cooperation vs. Interdependence • Alliances ◦ union or pact to secure mutual interests • Regionalism ◦ actors coordinate strategy/po
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