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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Lecture: Oil, IPE, and the Gulf In the news this week • the US has been operating a base out of Saudi Arabia OPEC • Founding members: Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela ◦ seek sovereignty over resources ◦ state response to influence of "Seven Sisters" • now includes: Algeria, Libya, Qatar, UAE; also Angola, Nigeria, Ecuador ◦ Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE = 65% of world oil reserves ◦ Middle East production < capacity • coordinates oil production, prices, and policies ◦ oil is not a competitive industry • So, how political is oil re state policy? ◦ 1973 Oil embargo…. Gulf States and the GCC • established in 1981 • Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, UAQ, Saudi Arabia founded it • economic integration/cooperation? • security alliance/balance of threat? ◦ protect from external threat? ◦ domestic unrest? • changes in Gulf states? ◦ Saudi Arabia ◦ Bahrain ◦ Qatar Inter-Arab Relations: Haves and Have Nots • Oil-Rich • Oil-Pooor • new states • historic states • small states • large states • monarchies • republics • religious regime • secular regime • allocation (rentier) • production • rent sharing b/w states? ◦ short-lived; political payoff not forthcoming • labour flow; remittances • power shift? Political Economy and Oil: Rentier States • rentier state ◦ depends on ex
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