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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Lecture: Case Study--Iran Modern History • 1941 Allies instal Mohammed Reza Pahlavi as shah • 1951-1953 Mossadegh and National Front • 1953 Shah re-instated by alliance of military officials, street mobs, British/US intelligence • 1963 White Revolution, criticized by Khomeini, who is exiled • 1970s rise and fall of economy, increasing repression of protests • 1978-1979 revolts and revolution; est. Islamic Republic • 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq War; increasing restrictions; repression • 1989-2000 Reformists/moderates • 2005-present election of Ahmadinejad; nuclear controversy; 2009 elections, green movement protests Revolution 1979 Who's Who? • religious revolutionaries--followers of Khomeini, Shariati (red shi'ism); seek political and social revolution • religious conservatives--seek political revolution • secular conservatives--includes National Front; seek secular democracy/republic constitution • secular revolutionaries--seek Marxist revolution; include Feday and Tudeh parties Motivation for the Revolution • Shah's domestic policies • human rights/personal freedoms ◦ SAVAK--arrest, torture • Shah's foreign policy/western influence • economic grievances • religious fundamentalism • expectations vs reality ◦ relate to Arab Spring • role of religion before, during, after revolution? ◦ T
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