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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Lecture: Peace Process **Note on Exam: You do not need to know who said what, only concepts REALLY well. There are 2 essays on it. 1970s From War to Peace? • 1973 Yom Kippur War--Syrian-Egyptian surprise attacks; Israeli counter- offensive successful • 1973 Kissinger (US) begins shuttle diplomacy (means using intermediaries) • 1977 Sadat makes historic visit to Israel • 1978 Camp David: 13 days of private negotiations between Sadat, Begin, and Carter • Peace treaty b/w Israel and Egypt • return to Sinai (land for peace); US aid and subsidies • Sadat assassinated internally by a countryman ◦ he had taken great personal and political risk for the peace process, knowing he was going against his state New Diplomacy • 1980s Lebanon civil war, first intifada --> peace movement? • 1980s informal contacts, bilateral talks • 1988 PLO adopts UNSC 242 and 338, renounces terrorism • start of US-PLO dialogue • 1990-1991 regional shifts ◦ Persian Gulf War ◦ End of Cold War • 1991 Madrid Conference • 1993 "Back channel" negotiations in Oslo (Oslo Accords) --> Declaration of Principles (DOP) ◦ 1993 Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Oslo Accords • Declaration of Principles (DOP); letters of recognition between Rabin and Arafat • Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian population centres; Areas A,B,C • Development of Palestinian security forces and administration (Palestinian Authority) • postpone permanent status issues (borders, settlements, refugees, Jerusalem, security) • confidence-buidling measures--steps towards two-state solution? Challenges to Oslo • settlement expansion ◦ increases under Oslo ◦ wasn't dealt with in the initial documen
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