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Lecture 3

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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Thursday, January 17 , 2012 Lecture 4 Post Cold War History Changing Dynamics  Shifting of alliances  1980s- turbulent time, heart of Lebanon civil war; Iran-Iraq interstate war  end of cold war: US sole superpower in contrast with balance with Soviet Union beforehand; decrease in interstate conflict and increase in intrastate conflict  from balancing to dual containment: US policy; ex: Iraq-Iran; US tried to balance against Iraq by supporting Iran; later US was not ally with Iran and tried to contend these regional powers  Persian Gulf War 1990-91; short but changed regional dynamics; first time Arab state came together against another Arab state; shift in conflict dynamics; established new role of US  Israel-Palestine peace process  September 11 ; Iraq War Persian Gulf War (1990-91)  Focus on Iraq and Kuwait  Iraq invades Kuwait; Iraq just came from war with Iran so why do they do these?  Iraq had a lot of debt and requested Saudi Arabia and Kuwait to forgive their kept;  Slump and oil crises in Iraq since Kuwait was over producing so added to economic crises  Slump drilling into Iraq  Territorial claim- historically iraw claimed Kuwait as part of its own territory; said Kuwait should be just part of Iraq also due to access to gulf  International response?  Sanctions  Military coalition  Disagreement with US intervention and if they should intervene; US’s economic best interest; stability of Persian-gulf region; invasion of sovereign state; automatic legitimacy from UN perspective  Regional response?  Attempts at diplomacy- arab league tries to pass resolution but it has to be unanimous to pass  Jordan and Egypt didn’t want to see US intervention and thought they could speak to Saddam  Participation in coalition? Canada was part of this; Saudi Arabia was major actor  Members of Gulf War coalition o Saudi Arabia: yes, same threats as those of Kuwait; o Egypt: yes, pressured by the US; before it was strong and not dependent on US but now in 1990s it is o Syria: yes; cold relations with Iraq; o Jordan: no; surprisingly; a lot of Palestinians in support of Iraq; strong economic ties with Iraq; tried to be neutral and maintained wanting to find diplomatic solution o Lebanon: no; still torn apart from conflict of 15 years; doe
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