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Lecture 5

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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Thursday, January 24th 2012 Lecture 6 The Revolution and Egyptian Foreign Policy  1970s- shift to Egyptian foreign policy; modernization, infrastructure, reshaping investments; best for Egypt as a state instead of Pan Arabism; Camp David Accords between Israel and Egypt; broke with norm in arab world at the time; rational state perspective; boosted trade with wested and attracted foreign assistance as well as helping economy  Mubarak- reactive foreign policy; responding to pressures from outside or changing dynamic roles in the region; Egypt not being so powerful in the region before; keeping things as they were before and not taking too many risks  Before revolution: Egypt adopted approach with close ties with Israel and USA- push peace process; encourage other arab states to support peace process  Revolution of 2011- concerns in the west about effect in Egyptian foreign policy; may undermine American influence in region due to possible shift in leaders  Rulers since revolution didn’t change Egyptian foreign policy- still ties with Israel and USA; continuity lies in makeup of Egyptian state  FP has not change because the institutions that govern Egypt are well entrenched; most important is the Egyptian military with lots of influence and privileges  Military as economic actor- produce goods sold domestically and abroad  Strongly advocate maintenance of ties with USA  The relationship between the Muslim brotherhood and military- accused of
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