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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

February 28 Midterm: Covers from start til then She will confirm but probably be 5 short IDs and 2 short essays (essay 1 more historical and essay 2 more contemporary) No specific authors Discussion questions on Tuesdays will be the kind of essay questions Midterm day will be full period News: Iran talks not much happen Syria aid: Kerry announced increased direct monetary aid and nonlethal military aid to rebels; body armor vs night vision vs etc; Britain considering giving more offensive capabilities; US maybe offering training Peace Process 1970s: From War to Peace? - Shifted from Arab/Israel peace process to Israel/Palestinian - 1973 Yom Kippur War – Syrian-Egyptian surprise attacks; Israeli counter- offensive successful o Starting path to peace process with Egypt (Sadat) - 1973 – Kirdinger (US) begins shuttle diplomacy o 3 part intermediary going back and forth between two groups and that was start of this model and still used now - 1977 – Sadat makes historic visit to Israel o Big deal that Sadat was doing this and Israel was welcoming him; Sadat taking great personal risk too - 1978 – Camp David: 13 days private negotiations between Sadat, Begin, & Carter - Peace treaty between Israel & Egypt; o Did not involve PLO or Syria o Part included a piece that there will be framework in future for Israel- Palestine peace but that part did not pass - Return of Sinai (land for peace); - US aid and subsidies to both sides - Sadat assassinated in 81 New Diplomacy - 1980s – Lebanon war, fist intifada -> peace movement? o Through 70s to early 90s the war lasted; 1982 Israel-Lebanon war to remove PLO and forms relations with Lebanese Christians o Was time of identity seeking for Israel; a lot of Israeli peace groups started in this period o Intifada escalated to violence; wanted to “shake off” Israel - 1980s – informal contacts, bilateral talks o Having direct negotiations is still very taboo but there are informal contacts at this point - 1988 – PLO adopts UNSC 242 and 338, renounces terrorism o Arafat first accepted Israel o PLO changed after this for good - Start of US-PLO dialogue o Not that different from Hamas now - 1990-91 – regional shifts o Persian Gulf War o End of Cold War - 1991 – Madrid Conference o First face to face outside of ME; Russia and US involved; not much happens but just the fact that people are in same room is seen as achievement - 93 – “Back-channel” negotiations in Oslo (Oslo Accords) -> Declaration of Principles (DOP) o Norway not super involved, just more provided space o 94 – Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Oslo Accords - Framework for ongoing negotiations - Declaration of Principles (DOP); letters of recognition between Rabin and Arafat - Israeli withdrawal from Palestinian population centers; Areas A, B, C o A are main Pal urban areas and have pretty much most control o B areas are joint administration o C areas are Israeli administration - Development of Palestinian security forces and administration Palestinian Authority (PA) - Postpone permanent states issues (borders, settlements, refug
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