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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

February 12 Islam and International Relations Discussion questions - Is Islam compatible with the modern state? With democracy? With diplomacy? What foundations exist in Islamic texts or history? - To what extent has Islam provided a unifying element for foreign policy? - To what extent has the OIC been influential in foreign policy - To what extent has Islam been a factor in regional conflict - What is “political Islam?” Why did it develop? How has it changed over time? - How have state political leaders negotiated legitimacy and authority through Islam? What is the role of Islam in the state? Islam & Democracy - Islam compatible with modern state? o Modern states are typically secular o Sovereignty issue because these things unite people past borders o Millet system in Ottomans - Democracy? o Clash of civilizations o Right after death of Muhammad, they chose a new leader in the mosque o Shura – people should agree on whoever is to be the leader  Translates as consultation o Issue is that there are different definitions of Islam  Resistance to democracy from inside? Outside? - Threat of democracy? o Fear of Islamist takeover  Foreign policy has been pretty stable in Egypt - Compare with democratic transitions in non-Arab Muslim majority states (Herb)? o Malaysia, Indonesia - Islam and post-Arab Spring? o Islamic vs. Islamist parties Islam and the State - Defining the Islamic state o Based on sharia (Islamic law)  SA, Iran, Pakistan, Sudan; these states, Iran and SA included, are not based solely on sharia however - Islamic parties in non-Islamic states o MB in Egypt, Ennahda in Tunisia, AKP in Turkey - Instrumentalizing Islam? o Domination v. cooperation (Egypt & Al-Azhar)  Al-Azhar is an old institution and held up as the center of learning in Egypt; university as well as mosque; what you have seen in recent years is a back and forth with the government between domination and cooperation  Egypt can count as Al-Azhar to keep most of population in line o Legitimizing policy through fatwas (legal opinions)?
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