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Chapter 3 - Impact of the International System

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

FPME Ch 3 Notes20012011 173500The Impact of the International System on the Middle EastThe International Regional DynamicModern Middle East felt the brunt of European imperialism and the influence of its emerging capitalist industrializationFertile ground for exploitationRegional powers also utilized relations with great powers for their own objectives Yet the states in the region have little to show for their attempts to exploit the superpowers during cold warImpact of the International SystemWestern PenetrationoIndustrialization modernization technical developments in production transportation and communicationsoInstitutions and processes of capitalism and the modern sovereign state changes to traditional Mid East societies and economiesIdeological responses to these changes Arab nationalism and Islamism sense of interrupted unity and threatened autonomyPolitical responses organizational reforms and militarization starting with Ottoman reformers and Egypt Muhammad Ali to enhance security against external threatsThe Formation of Middle East State SystemoThe end of WW1 and breakup Ottoman Empire previously largely unified region fragmented into bounded territories oMandatory agreements to cloak wartime agreements to ArabsoUsed Arab elite that was dividedunprepared for rule as figureheads led to an opposition to the westernoriented eliteoFormative period contributed significantly to authoritarian character of emerging regimes as well as rules trading structuresThe Cold War and Superpower InvolvementoWW2 recognition of Mid East oil importance
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