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Adelle Archer Kenneth Waltz “Neorealism: Confusions and Criticisms”

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Political Science
POLI 341
Imad Mansour

Notes By Adelle ArcherKenneth Waltz Neorealism Confusions and CriticismsA theory is a mental picture of a domain that shows how it is organized and how the parts are connected It isolates a realm to deal with it intellectuallyA theory is not a collection of variablesif one thinks something has been omitted adding it will not make the theory stronger perse To criticize a theory for omission is ridiculous because theories are mostly omission OldTraditional realists believe state is unitary actor and is either good or badcall behaviorists The good states do not go to war with one another Liberals and socialists also believe this they just didnt agree on how to classify states as good or bad New Realism is structuraloutcomes not only depend on qualities of the state but of the structure within the state where actions occur Criticism of structural theory is fails to include the effects of the policies and behaviors of states on international politics Is a theory about international politics not foreign politics Nhow external forces shape states behavior They dont focus on internal forces They believe bipolar s
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