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Gulf Cooperation Council

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Political Science
POLI 342
Imad Mansour

Foreign Policy: ME Imad Mansour March 29, 2010 Gulf Cooperation Council What kind of management exists inside these states? What do regimes do to manage threats? What kind of institutions do they create to pursue interests? The Gulf ●collection of states that came together in 1981 ●in the 50s 60s and 70s, there was no serious political movement to create and organization or alliance -- what changed? What are regional organizations? ●1944: Arab league created, supposed to reflect the emphasis of regimes at the time ●purpose was to protect the sovereignty of Arab states rather than to forge a political unity ●Arab league was essentially created to appeal to the ideas of pan- Arabism at the time- an extra dimension of legitimation ●incentives existed for the Arab regimes in the region to build a regional organization that would give them a semblance of unity ●effectively be using the institutions to support the sovereignty of the independent states ●many/all regimes used it as a medium to establish Arab credentials ●since its inception, Arab league had no real powers of enforcement, unless it was asked for by states ●the role of the Arab league was to operate as a regional forum for a periodic meeting of Arab leaders ● no interest in league power ●Ara
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