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Political Science
POLI 342
Imad Mansour

Foreign Policy: ME Imad Mansour March 1, 2010 Turkey’s Foreign Policy Final: will be asked questions on regional security Explaining the transition from: pre-1990 cautious trend to a post- 1990 expansive trend What can Turkey’s changing power position explain? ●geo-strategic concerns and options ●does not have the military power to challenge russia in that domain ● Russia always overpowered Turkey ●some of the tensions were inherited-- relationship spilled over between the new Russia and Turkey ●relationship with NATO: now that the cold war is over and the systemic competition is over, what kind of asset will Turkey provide, still see a good relationship b/w NATO and Turkey in the post-Cold War era ●rise in Israel supplying military, economic, political assistance to Turkey ●the potential of an alliance with Israel What can looking into domestic politics explain? ●relationship with the EU ●saw the ability to interfere with Turkish politics. Islamic groups saw this- - why? in the framework of the EU, the military is not to play a direct role in politics ●interest in expanding Middle East ties ●neo-ottomanism: not based on a form of colonial control, more about harping on soft power and cultural exchanges, the potential to have ties b/w Turkey and Islamic states ●the military in Turkey was almost resistant to establishing ties ●Turkey signed a military alliance in 1996 with Israel, the scope of that relationship was not paralleled in any other state- why? ●the core of Turkish foreign policy is military/secular based ●the tensions in the region mirrored the tension in domestic politic ●this highlights: with the decline of external threat, domestic level factors gained a lot of weight with foreign policy ●also: there was a coincidental overlap in the decline of external threat, and the rise of dynamism/ demand of a new group/societal actors to be included in foreign policy A Regional Security Complex in the Levant Barry Buzan and Ole Waever A region ●mediates between state and system Foreign Policy: ME Imad Mansour ● p
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