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Regional Relations

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Political Science
POLI 342
Imad Mansour

Foreign Policy of the ME Imad Mansour March 8, 2010 Regional Relations Turkish-Israeli Relations ●Strategic Parentership (1996) (in reality it is an alliance) ●benefits of the partnership: economic weapons systems, creating a regional security block ●Turkey knew that its access to both the Tigres and Euphrates would give it a pressure dimension on Israel and the other ME countries ●Israel’s interest is also significant, thought that it would be able to use the labor in Turkey and combine it with capital w/money from Israel-- Turkey has the potential to be a productive base and consuming base for Israeli products ●Israel wanted to demonstrate that it is a reliable military ally that can deliver training systems/potential, important for Turkey-- can benefit from the military transfers because it looks like it is an asset for NATO ●at the end of the USSR-- military arms were not being kept track of very well, also thinking about Turkey as an access to Central Asian republic ●Israel also saw Turkey as a potential entry point for Central Asian market, was willing to open up new economic channels (focusing not only on the military dimension) ●(Turkey had drawn up various plans to share water w/several complicated pipelines, create a region where the states are asymmetrically dependent) ●Timing/ Signing methods ●alliance was signed behind the back of major government officials who would have opposed such an agreement ●created as a de-facto reality in Turkish FP ●the degree to which the treaty would be implemented is still contested to this day ●the same tensions that drove the nuances and distinctions of policy in the ME also drove the Turkish-Israeli relationship ●Consequences ●allowed Turkey to use more force on the Kurdish militants-- new intelligence from Israeli sources, new training from personnel ●encircled Syria-- reduced its FP tools and challenged alliance w/Iran, Syria was lying in the pincer b/w both Israel and Turkey, put pressure on Syria to look for alliances elsewhere ●not only was PKK under more attacks by Turkish forces, alliance allowed them to send very strong signals to Syria Syrian-Turkish 1998 crisis ●causes of the crisis ●Turkey escalat
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