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Political Science
POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 8, 2013 Lecture One Theoretical Concepts and Approaches Introduction • State seeks to benefit through interactions – trade to benefit a set of producers (tariffs) • Attempts to try and create living space for population  Conquest • Foreign policies impact other nations – has application in almost any period of international relations • Circular nature of foreign policy – pattern of action and reaction • What are the ends or interests of the state  How do you determine what the interest of the state are o Determined through level of analysis • Domestic level considerations vs. structural level explanation • Causal explanations  Foreign policy is both a cause and effect • Independent and dependent variables  Trying to explain the way behaviors can change and adjust itself • How can foreign policy be both an independent and dependent variable • Path dependence – every step depends on what came previously • Critical junctures – Moments in the path that put things in a different motion – Determines everything after it • Great deal of interpretation Systemic Level • Independent variables  External to t
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