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Political Science
POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 14, 2013 Modern State Formation Introduction • Who are the powerful players? Who are the elites politically? Who are the elites economically? • Differences between democracies and non-democracies • Downing – Distinction between democracy and absolutism o Government predicated in the rule of the people or a government who places rule of law in a King/monarch o Concept of war effects states of military revolution sparked some sort of political development (diffusion of military technology)  “Punishing some forms of organization and rewards others” • Markets are system forces – self-interested actors Feudalism • Transformation from feudalism to the modern state period • System based on largely personal ties that depends upon security and service o Hereditary  Often took form of military service • Suzerainty  Personal ties NOT sovereignty (ties to territory) • The true source of authority may often be in dispute  Obligation to Church or Political group? • Feudal order provides the seeds for democracy  Proto democratic institutions o Dispersion of power rather than concentration • Functional dispersion of power – distinction between power of the King and powers of parliament o Not an absolutist system • King could declare war – financial power rested with Parliament • Geographical dispersion of power – local centers of power often oppose the monarchs • There is a rule of law  Independent judiciaries wh
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