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POLI 344
Jason Scott Ferrell

January 15, 2013 Modern State Formation Military Revolution • Consolidation of power in the hands of the monarchy – impedes democracy • Concessions made by the nobility to allow the monarchy to fins and assemble a large standing army • People have to quarter soldiers in their own homes and peasants end up being conscripted to the army (not voluntary anymore) o Citizens loyalty to the state becomes tied to the army  Prussia • Advent of state bureaucracy  Centralization of authority in the institutions of the state o Raising an army requires a more bureaucratized state to coordinate finance, recruitment, and administration  Greater concern for efficiency • State interests trump everything else – survival of state • The Crown’s courts begin to override the other courts  State becomes the guardian of survival • Rise of mercantilism – state has the responsibility to manage the economy (manage resources for military) • Geographic centralization of power justified by reason of state – all other institutions are subordinate to state (above the law) o State centralizes all functions (tax), loyal institutions became nothing other than a tool to implant state policy • Military Revolution breaks the path towards democracy  Can’t return back to a feudal system o Deterministic – everyone had to do this • However not all states go down this path  Systemic? or Domestic? • Trade off between freedom and security Prussia • Dominant province on Central Europe • How does Downing’s argument apply to Prussia and how does it lend itself to the advent of the German state? • Local nobility has a great deal of power until the Middl
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