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Jason Scott Ferrell

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January 21, 2013 Modern State Formation England • Moore – democratic level factors determine foreign policy o What is the balance of power between classes? – Development of democratic institutions required the destructions of a landed aristocracy and a peasantry o Necessity of an independent middle class (bourgeoisie) for democracy o Development of democratic institutions is economically driven as opposed to systemically • Lords lands, peasant lands, and common lands (did not belong to anyone) • Development of the wool market thwarts this three fold distinction of land o Enclosure of common lands to raise sheep • Also the rise of small towns  Market for wool • Interdependent set of economic interests between the towns and the countryside • The aristocracy become a proto-bourgeoisie  Begin to push the peasants off the land (Enclosure act of 1801) o Peasants move into the towns and cities which continue to grow o Use of Parliament to legitimate this • Aristocratic order survives but becomes an order associated with wealth not with birth • Fusion of the aristocracy and the bourgeoisie as opposed to the fusion of the aristocracy and the state (Prussia) • Less opposition to the advent of democracy – but there is pressure regarding the expansion of the franchise • Commercialization of farming in England allows for the advent of an independent capital base o Britain is the first nation to industrialize • Not a lot of state oversight – state
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