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Mark Brawley

Super-Power Status: American Military Dominance The Evolution of Command Institution  The Pentagon - bureaucratic headquarters of the American military - started building after decisions made in 1939 to increase military spending - roughly 33,000 people work there every day  Joint Chiefs of Staff - needed for meetings of Combined Chiefs - solved the disconnect between the military and the navy - JCS gives military direct access to the President for the first time  President engages - opened communications, allowed for priorities to be set - each Chief of Staff has no control over their branch of the army  orders come from somewhere in the command chain; Chiefs of Staff serve more of a presidential role, representing the branches of the army - develops in the special role for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (after WWII)  does not represent any of the individual branches of the army  military advisor to the President - geographic regional commands are created (to handle operational matters) (i.e. the South Pacific has one commander/one admiral) - Navy combines CNO and Commander US Fleet (March 1942) Troop Deployments and Bases  spanning the globe, on every continent  Airbases… - Atlantic Islands 21 - South America 32 - Africa 21 - Europe 196 - Australia 21 - Asia 59  nothing like the rivalling super power during the Cold War era  Soviet power really only expanded to Europe Military Technology  mass production  they could out produce their losses easily (could make them faster than the Germans could sink them)  aircrafts produced in 1944 – 38,000 fighters and 35,000 bombers - out producing Japan and Germany combined - later models, therefo
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