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Lecture 9

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Second Intifada Second Uprising? - Initial was 87-91: first time for resistance and being active from the Palestinian people o Demonstrations, protests, etc. - Starts 2000, after failed Camp David II and post-Olso - Sep 28, 2000: Sharon visit to Temple Mount which sparked demonstrations - Demonstrations  o Friday is a good day in Middle East for protests (after prayer) o Turned violent quickly, unlike first intifada which gradually became violent o Rapidly militarized - Israeli response o Like first - rubber bullets tear gas, sound grenades o More use of live ammunition, snipers Escalation - Increased attacks on settlers/settlements - Suicide bombing (tactic had been used in the 90s but not to this extent) o 2002 major spike o Why?  To bring attention, to demand concessions, bargaining chip  Usually done by people with a higher education, demographics of those that would join the military - Rocket attacks (increased when suicide bombings decreased) o Thousands launched since 2004  Mostly from Gaza to southern Isreal  2,000 from 2007 o Not as destructive Israeli Responses - Closures o To ensure security and control intifada o Limiting movement between Israel proper & territories - Curfews o Refugee camps & villages as well as cities o By nightfall, if out subject to arrest o Army incursions into camps - Arrests & detentions o Crackdown on activists and people perceived to be activists  Young men were just detained and interrogated - Target assassinations o Usually done in Gaza, but has been in done in West Bank o Targeting people who are thought to be leading attacks  Very controversial  From International Law  illegal  Israel sees as necessary and ethical  There are many civilian deaths that go with these assassinations  unethical - Checkpoints o Now was when checkpo
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