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Lecture 11

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Regional Relations Bilateral Peace Agreements: - Israel-Egypt (1979) o Changing dynamics?  Since Arab spring new muslim brotherhood gov’t  Unrest in the Sinai  Gaza border (harder to get back into Gaza from Egypt) & tunnels o Mediator between Hamas/Fatah? - Israel-Jordan (1994) o Palestinians > half of population in Jordan  Changing policies of citizenship; entry  “Jordan option”? – Jordan becoming the new Palestinian state (Jordan & Palestinians don’t want this) o Arab Spring in Jordan?  Palestinian base is the most unrestful - Israel-Mauritania  normalized since Oslo (Tunis & Morrocco cut ties) - Israel-Lebanon o No diplomatic/trade relation o UNIFIL presence in S. Lebanon for security and humanitarian issues o Dire conditions for over 400,000 Palestinian refugees  Cannot work, own property, or access healthcare  Permit system (to leave camp) - Israel-Syria o Failed attempts at bi-lateral peace agreements  Key to resistance axis? o Current crisis – implications for Hamas, Israel, Palestinians o Hamas has cut ties with Syrian regime - Turkey o Bi-lateral Israel-Turkish relations est. 1949 o 1992 – expanded diplomatic relations o Recent cooling of relations  Operation cast lead (2009)  Mavi Marmara (2010)  Gaza flotilla ship, violent seizure of ship, who provoked who? o More tense b/n Israel & Turkey - Iran o Close ties 1948-1979 o Nuclear threat & Israel’s red line? - Arab League o Est. 1945 o 22 members (Syria currently suspended) o Doesn’t include non-arab (i.e. turkey, Iran) o Resoultions adopted unanimously – binding for all memb
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