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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 - Oslo to Camp David II.docx

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Oslo to Camp David II Oslo II (1995) - Main agreement in 93 was between ?? and Arafat for recognition o Some Israeli withdrawal and more Palestinian autonomy - Establishes areas A, B, and C o Divide the west bank into 3 different kinds of territory o A – Palestinian administration o B – joint Israeli and Palestinian administration o C – complete under Israeli administration o 80-90% of Palestinian population is covered but territory is minimal - Established Palestinian Authority o Stop hearing so much about PLO, now it’s PA o 1996 – Elections, to elect the PLC (legislative council)  Formally elect Arafat to president of the PA - Cooperation? o Water (JWC – joint water commission) : regulate water distribution o Education : school books to reflect peaceful future o Crime – e.g. illicit drugs Early Challenges - Settlement expansion continued, land confiscation o Violate Oslo Accords? o Violate “integrity and status” of W. Bank & Gaza? o “we can stop starting new ones but can’t stop expanding ones that exist” - Terrorism o Palestinian suicide attacks (Hamas, Islamic Jihad)  Around 65 Israeli deaths just in that first year o Hebron Mosque massacre (1994)  Goldstein killing 29 Muslim people and wounded dozen + during prayer - Rabin assassinated o Prime Minister – seen as huge loss for Israel & Peace Process o Tried to move Oslo forward and make difficult compromises o Assassinated by extreme rightist
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