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Lecture 14

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Role of Canada Historical role: - UNSCOP – original committee that made the partition plan (res 181) o Canada was voting member & voted to make separation of Israeli & Palestinian sides - UNEF – suez crisis, Lester Pierson who brokered the conflict management of this peacekeeping force - UN votes – often elected member of security council o Canada was slow on recognizing self-determination recognizing (to Europe) - Refugee leadership (refugee working group) o Rethinking right of return o Started at Madrid Conference - Financial aid (CIDA; 25 million/year) o For dialogue programs and development in WB and Gaza o About 1% of all aid Palestinian land receives, nice but marginal - Current Policies and Shifts over time? o Abstained from a vote which fir the first time indicated a shift, despite official policy *see: MidEast FP Under Harper - 2006 – first state to suspend aid to PA - Support US/UK defense of Isr
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