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Lecture 3

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Political Science
POLI 347
Julie Norman

Partition, Independence, Nakba WWII & Holocaust: - Influence of holocaust on trajectory of conflict? o No other option? Massive immigration necessary at that time.  Britain/Europe? Canada/US?  Why weren’t they more accepting? St. Louis ship denied in Cuba, US, CA o 1938 – Evian Conference  bring states together to talk about which states would be open to immigration  Big failure  Small percentage into US, Britain, South America, China o 1942 – Biltmore Convention  Zionist congress – takes place in NY  People finally realize the dire situation of Jews in Europe  Lots of immigration to Palestine ASAP, and official push for a “state” rather than “national home” o 1945 – Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry  Brit & American commission to figure out what to do about displaced refugees  Propose Palestine be open for 100,000 Jew immigrants  A bi-national state proposal o 1947 – UNSCOP (UN Special Committee on Palestine)  WWII is over, getting tense in Palestine  A lot more violent activity  Irgun, LEHI/Stern Gang o Terrorist activities for political ends, targeted at British o It’s clear to Britain that their role is over (bombing of King David hotel)  UN Partition Plan is proposed  UN is 2 years old at this point – legitimacy questioned  Resolution made on Nov 29 1947 th o Nov 30 , 1947 – civil war o May 15 1948 – “War of Independence” or Nakba  British withdra
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