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Lecture 5

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Julie Norman

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Arab-Israel Wars: 67, 73, Camp David I 67 & Aftermath - June 5, 1967 – Israeli pre-emptive strike on Egyptian airfields - June 5-7 – Israel defeats Jordan in W. Bank & E. Jerusalem - June 8-9 Israel defeats Syrians in Golan Heights - June 10 – Ceasefire o 800 Israelis, 18,000 Arabs (most Egyptians) killed - Aftermath: o New borders/territories  Sinai, Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem o Refugees o Occupation  Some Israeli’s have used ambiguity as a rationale for using “disputed” rather than occupied o June 19 cabinet meeting – don’t want to give up E. Jerusalem, but consensus to bargain with Sinai and Golan  Decide not to decide on Gaza & West Bank - UNSC Resolution 242 o I) withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied o II) acknowledgement of sovereignty, territorial integrity and political independence of every state in the area and their right to live in peace within secure and recognized boundaries o III) reaffirms just settlement to refugee problem; free navigation of waterways - Meanwhile… o Renewed Palestinian nationalism and resistance  PLO (Liberation Organization)  Fatah  Comes to forefront as leader of Palestinian resistance  Yassir Arafat becomes leader  After 67 wars, based in Jordan  Battle of Karameh  Israel launches raid on Karameh in Jordan (where there was a training camp)  Helped Fartah’s image and strengthened them in long run, although Israel managed to dismantle the camp  PLO & Fatah start calling shots in Jordan (due to popul
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