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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - First Intifada & Peace Process.pdf

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POLI 347
Julie Norman

• First Intifada (1987-1991) ⿞intifada:"shaking off" or "waking up" ⿞context ‣ a lot of different kinds of resistance during the 70s,but a lot of that was from PLO ‣ a lot of local initiatives started prior to this ‣ tipping point:Post-Lebanon;changing of status quo • starting to challenge things in Israel ‣ Response to Iron Fist Policy • started after war on Lebanon to control the population in the South • institution of curfews,seizure of homes suspected of holding people or weapons,restrictions on transport • Rabin's policy encouraged beating demonstrators • had double pronged affect- embedding Lebanon,and brutality on demonstrators ‣ 20 years of occupation;new generation • coming of age of a generation that grew up under occupation ‣ Response to absent PLO? • lack of leadership from the PLO,very much tied to Lebanon • starting to seem more and more distant • need for more local uprising ⿞Grassroots mobilization ‣ not orchestrated byArafat,coordinated by local parties,village leaders, local leadership committees ‣ UNLU- Unified National Leadership of the Uprising ‣ parties able to look past their differences and have unified committee ‣ demonstrations,strikes,boycotts,tax refusal,stone throwing,Molotovs • changed imagery of the David and Goliath situation- often a teenage boy throwing a stone at a tank or soldier with a gun • stone throwing has different levels of legitimacy- some didn't agree with it • Responses to the Uprising ⿞everyone was involved with it,young,old,women ⿞Palestinians ‣ new power dynamics with Israel ‣ this was the first time Palestinians within the territories rose up against the occupation in any way ‣ shifts in Palestinian po
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